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New Bobbi Chicago Product Picks

We have been loving this sunshine and hope that all of you have as well! With brighter days comes brighter styles and one of our Favorite Purse and Accessory lines Bobbi Chicago has came out with new colors and styles for Summer Time!

Bobbi Chicago uses Vegan leather for all of their bags and provides a variety of options for all customers. While one may need a bag for storage, and another may need a bag for convenience, Bobbi Chicago has got you covered!

With options of Convertible Styles and Reversible Colors there is always something that will be suitable for every occasion.

Bobbi Chicago has styles Designed by Crystal Lake Native Katie Staudt and are continuously keeping up with every urban trend! These bags won’t last long, so be sure to get yours before summer is officially here!

New Fun and Unique Product Pick

Happy Monday everyone, and Happy April! We hope that everyone had a great weekend with Easter Festivities, and a good end to March. Now that it is April we here at Out of the Box are eager for different weather, and different gift ideas! Which leads us to this week’s product pick, one that you will not want to miss!

We have a new, unique product that everyone in the family with a phone will enjoy! Cable Bites are accessories for your phone charger that not only make charging your phone fun, but cute and unique as well! Just add your favorite Cable Bite Animal to the end of your lightening charger cable and start smiling every time you take a look at your charging cell phone. This product is nothing but fun, which is what we love about it!

Stop in and get your cable bite soon, before they fly out of the store! We would also like to give special thanks to all of our customers that made March a great month! We would not be here if it wasn’t for you, and we thank you for that. Please, never hesitate to give suggestions for product pick postings. We love to talk about what you want to know! Have a great week!

Product Picks for Easter Sunday

Even though it may not as warm as we like it to be at the end of March we are still in the Spring Spirit here at Out of the Box! With that spirit comes Easter Goodies and Hosting Items! Whether you are hosting Easter Brunch, attending an Easter Brunch, or just having an Easter Brunch for yourself, we have great Easter Platters, Dishes, and Bowls, and it is all 50% now until Easter! Many of our Easter items are from our favorite well known brands like Mud Pie, Melrose, Grasslands Road, and Creative Co-op! Along with serving dishes, we have any last minute basket goodies the Easter Bunny may need to fill up last minute baskets. With the 50% off Easter Items we have no doubt you will find exactly what you need to make Sunday special.

Make sure to be on the look out next week when we introduce a new, innovative, fun, and unique item great for kids, teens, and adults!

Product Picks for Spring Break

It is finally that time, time for a break from our cold and a get away to warmer weather! Spring break is right around the corner and we have everything you may need to finish up your spring break shopping! Here is a list of our favorite Spring Break Essentials this season.

1. Mona B Koozies, and Beach Bags. Mona B is a purse line we have carried for some time and cannot get enough of! Products made from reused army tent and leather material, you will love the rustic vintage feel these products come with.

2. Sunglasses! With a variety of Sunglass options you won’t be disappointed with our selection of fashion sunnies.

3. Crystal Lake and other Local City Luggage Tags. Add a personal touch to your vacation, or even better bring it to a friend you are visiting to encourage them to come visit you!

4. Travelon Waterproof Phone Pouches! These are by far a must have if you plan to head to the tropics this break! Great for daily water and beach activities, keeping you close to a camera for capturing memories with no worries of damaging your items!

5. Lastly, (not pictured) Our FitKicks Sale! FitKicks are great for those of you who love Active Vacations, and they are all on sale for 30% off right now!

These are just a few of our favorite spring break essentials this season! Be sure to stop in to see other travel needs (or wants) and say hey before you set forth on your spring break journey!!

Jellycat Product Pick of the Week

Since Out of the Box has opened, we have always made it a point to sell gifts that suit just about everyone! While we have loads of jewelry and accessories for the favorite ladies in your life, we also are growing our baby section more and more each season! This leads into our Product Pick of the Week, one of our Tried and True baby lines, Jellycat!

Jellycat is a Stuffed Animal line that originated in London in 1999 and has exceeded many customers expectations. While we have found the line to be one of the safest baby toys, the creators have made some of the quirkiest, softest toys you will ever hug! The line launches new styles every Winter and Summer, with special soft babies for every holiday and occasion!

Your favorite babies, kiddos, and parents will never be disappointed with these soft and safe additions to the toy collection! Some of our loyal customers have even decided start Jellycat collections, because they enjoy the line so much! We have only heard great feedback about the brand, and think it is well worth checking out if you have a young one’s birthday or celebration in the near future. Keep checking in every week as we begin to highlight more and more Spring Gift Ideas!

Product Pick of the Week

Here at Out of the Box, we think that the gift of giving is the best gift you could ask for! We also think that treating yourself is important too! Even when you are treating yourself, there is always some way to give back! For this week’s Product Pick we want to share some information with you about a great brand that gives back!

Banded Accessories is a line that’s main mission is to help those in need. They say that “they want to stand for more than just the best products.” To do this they have partnered with organizations in Latin America, Uganda and the Caribbean who provide meals to those in need of them. For every Banded product sold, these organizations will provide 3 meals. Banded has already provided 10 million meals through this program and hope to continue to give even more!

On top of Banded being such a humble brand, their products are fashionable and fun! Some of our favorites here at Out of the Box are the Hair Tie Bracelets, and the accessory Scarves. The bracelets are practical and fashionable while the scarves are lightweight and versatile for every outfit!

Banded and many other brands we sell at Out of the Box have programs like this! If you ever wonder what good comes with the gifts you buy, don’t hesitate to ask! We will always help you find the perfect gift with the perfect story.

Product Pick of the Week

After a very hot end to the summer, it is about time we get to enjoy some brisk days! Fall weather means fall accessories and we have got some favorites to share with you. Our Product Pick of the Week this time is… (drum roll please) Blanket Scarves!

Scarves in the Fall and Winter have always been a favorite for our customers. Whether they be thick knit scarves, or small sheer scarves, they always have been a hit! This year we wanted to provide the best of both worlds. Scarves that are a statement piece of an outfit, and keep you warm with a nice jacket! That’s where these beautiful blanket scarves come in.

With a great variety of plaid patterns and color schemes there is one that will go with every single outfit! These scarves are in the shape of a large square, and can be worn in a variety of ways. When you stop in, any one of our girls working can show you our favorite ways to wear them.

Along with blanket scarves we still have an awesome selection of different pattern and weight fashion scarves. Each scarf is meant for one special customer of ours and we hope you find the perfect one for you! As always, we want to know what you think! Have any suggestions on products to talk about? Let us know. Once again, have a great week and thank you for being you! We love our customers!