Our Favorite Part about the Holidays

Merry Christmas! All of us here at Out of the Box hope you are enjoying this beautiful White Christmas just as much as we are! Usually on Mondays we talk about our favorite product of the week, and highlight the story behind the gift idea! Instead, this morning, we want to highlight our true favorite part of not only this holiday season, but every season.

Although we do get excited about new items, specialty items, and big sales, what we get most excited about is watching all of you walk through our doors! Our true favorite part of Out of the Box is all of our customers, and the contagious joy you bring in throughout the holiday season. Whether it was your first time in this season, or we see you every week, you are the reason we open our doors each and every day! Many of you bring friends and family in for the first time, and they become friends and customers of ours! As you open gifts today in our handle boxes and wrapping paper, we hope that you know we are grateful for the smiles the gifts will bring you! Thank you for a wonderful holiday season, and we wish you a Safe and Happy New Years! Stay tuned for next week’s Product Pick of the Week, as we bring in the New Year!