Product Pick of the Week

We hope everyone is having a great January and is staying warm in this unpredictable weather. Many of you may know, but a strong value we have here at the store is quality in the gifts you purchase for the one’s you love. Nothing feels better than giving a gift to someone knowing it was made in a good place by good people! This leads into this week’s Product Pick, a tried and true handmade line that we cannot get enough of!

J&I Handmade Artisanal Jewelry is a jewelry line entirely handmade in the heart of Philadelphia. The company was started by designer Ian Gibson and his wife. Ian is self-taught in the art of jewelry fabrications, and metals. His desire to work with his hands lead him into the direction of creating this brand that is now not only his passion but also his success!

All J&I jewelry is made with a combination of Sterling Silver, 14K Gold filled metals, Gemstones, and Pearls. One of our favorite parts of the line is its organic, classy essence that is unlike any other jewelry line!

Many of us at Out of the Box own pieces of J&I and have firsthand experience with the brands great quality. Whether it is a New Year gift to yourself, or an early purchase for Valentine’s day, there is no regrets purchasing something from J&I!

J&I is one of the many handmade jewelry lines we carry! If you are ever curious of what jewelry at the store is handmade, feel free to ask! We can point you in the direction of some genuinely hand-crafted pieces!