Product Pick of the Week

Here at Out of the Box January and February are some of the most exciting months because this is the time that all of our new merchandise comes rolling in! Winter is slowly but surely ending, and spring is coming, so we think that during this time of the year it’s great to find gifts that are perfect for all seasons.

The products we have picked to highlight this week are these new Two’s Company Porcelain Trinkets! They are from the East of India collection, and have a simple, elegant look to them that we love. With sayings perfect to cheer up someone’s mood, they are great for Valentine’s or just an appreciation gift to a good friend! The white and simple look is one that you can have in your home all year round.

This is just one of the many great new styles of trinkets, signs, and other gifts that will be out on our shelves! It may feel like Winter is lasting forever, but stop in soon to see all the great transition and Spring gift options we have!