Product Picks for Spring Break

It is finally that time, time for a break from our cold and a get away to warmer weather! Spring break is right around the corner and we have everything you may need to finish up your spring break shopping! Here is a list of our favorite Spring Break Essentials this season.

1. Mona B Koozies, and Beach Bags. Mona B is a purse line we have carried for some time and cannot get enough of! Products made from reused army tent and leather material, you will love the rustic vintage feel these products come with.

2. Sunglasses! With a variety of Sunglass options you won’t be disappointed with our selection of fashion sunnies.

3. Crystal Lake and other Local City Luggage Tags. Add a personal touch to your vacation, or even better bring it to a friend you are visiting to encourage them to come visit you!

4. Travelon Waterproof Phone Pouches! These are by far a must have if you plan to head to the tropics this break! Great for daily water and beach activities, keeping you close to a camera for capturing memories with no worries of damaging your items!

5. Lastly, (not pictured) Our FitKicks Sale! FitKicks are great for those of you who love Active Vacations, and they are all on sale for 30% off right now!

These are just a few of our favorite spring break essentials this season! Be sure to stop in to see other travel needs (or wants) and say hey before you set forth on your spring break journey!!